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How to Set Tone of your Home with Hallway Design

The hallway is the pacesetter for every home. It preempts your visitors what they should expect inside your home. It speaks of your generosity, style, luxury and all. In fact, when you use Oak furniture for your hallway it helps to announce your value for quality and aesthetics.

  1. Storage Solutions

You should have storage solutions in the hallway to ease avoid cluttering. You can use the wall and hang hooks, pigeon-hole ideas and shelves to help you organize the keys, scarves and coats and other such essentials. Piled dirty shoes can be an eyesore in the hallway, so design a shoe bench with storage compartments to help organize the footwear.  You can strategically place a sumptuous seat on this entrance to keep visitors lingering in the hallway.

  1. Use natural lighting

Natural lighting enhances the beauty of the hallway and makes it lively and warm. If you cannot add a window, consider having a partially glazed door, or one with sidelight or fanlight. If you mind your privacy, then, use stick-on window film or frosted glass on the door.

Depending on the house design, you can similarly use light pipes and roof lights to bring in natural light. If you have to use artificial lighting, explore wall lighters to enhance narrow spaces. You can also highlight the walls and floor to distract the eye from the confined space.

  1. Use the available space

Some house designs do not allow extra space, but you can be creative with what you already have. You can use the space under the stairways to make compartments for storing shoes. Usually, this space is used for storing cleaningagents, the ironing board and the vacuum cleaner.

You can also consider converting it into a visitor’s loo if you do not have one on the ground floor. Bringing down cupboard walls to create a sitting area or open-plan storage is also a good idea.

  1. Color scheme

Getting in the house after a long day can be much fulfilling if you’re invited with a blend of appealing and reassuring color schemes on the hallway. Soothing white, greys and blues and other neutral color schemes,create a refreshing atmosphere.

 You can use horizontal stripes on awkward spaces to drift the eye away from tight corners. A brightly painted console table or a smart shelf can help minimize cluttering. You can creatively hang photographs, ornate piece of furniture, and colorful art pieces on the walls to enhance this space.

Another wall of using colour in the hallway is pasting wallpapers and paint colours. Your walls will look stunning. However, avoid busy pattern because it can dominate a small space, instead, have along the stairway.

  1. Flooring

Hallway flooring is a fantastic way of making an impression for your house.Use carpets to make the floor more cosy and warm since tiles are rather cold. Runners and rugs of various colourscan be used to conceal mucky footprints. Wood-effect laminates and floorboards are also popular in hallways because they are simple, enhance theaesthetics and easy to maintain.

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