The Best Short-Let Apartment in Barcelona

Short let apartments are rented for about a few weeks to a few months (usually not more than three months). Short let apartments seem more cost-effective compared to lodging in hotel rooms. You can also temporarily modify the apartment, add a touch of home and even cook if you want to. You can hardly do those in a hotel.

Renting a short let apartment in Barcelona is quite different from renting an apartment for the long term. This article will guide you on renting the best short-let apartments.

Look for short-term contracts with no hassle

Go through the rental contract and ensure that the contract doesn’t have loopholes designed to squeeze extra money from you.

Serviced apartments

If you are staying for only a few days or weeks, a serviced apartment is your best option. Serviced apartments have all the home appliances, furniture, and fittings that you need for your short stay. You get all the touch of a home, and you feel more at home.

Use a dedicated website for the location you want to rent a home in

Gone are the days when it was okay to use general all-location websites for searching for homes. It’s best to use a dedicated website that focuses on homes in your desired location. So if you want to rent an apartment in Barcelona, use a website solely dedicated to apartments in Barcelona.

If you are renting an apartment for a conference or any other event, look exclusively for apartments that are just a few streets or blocks from the event center.

Search for shared apartments if necessary 

If you are short of funds, you can look for rental apartments that allow you to share one apartment with other people. You are only around for a short time, and you may not have all the expenses to rent one apartment for yourself.

Verify the owner

In Barcelona, prospective tenants are allowed to verify if someone is the owner of the property they intend to rent. Also, if you opt for the services of a real estate agency, all these checks will be done.

Structural Fixtures Repair

The good short-let apartment in Barcelona has an agreement that outlines the responsibility of the tenant and landlord regarding the repair of structural fixtures. In most cases, the landlord takes care of construction works on the apartment and fixing of electrical appliances. Make sure you take note of the structural fixtures that need to be made by both parties.

State of the Property

If you saw the short-let apartment online, you also need to carry out a physical inspection. Visit the apartment and see if it meets your needs. Also, don’t fail to point out any defect if you notice any on the short-let apartment.


Follow these steps, and you’ll find suitable short-let apartments for rent in Barcelona. Take your time when searching for an apartment, and don’t rush things. You can also opt for good Real estate in Barcelona if you can afford it. For more information please visit – apartments for rent in San Francisco

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