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Looking for a condo has been considerably simplified because of easy access to the online world.

Many buyers and renters look online when searching for a perfect condo unit to call home. However, some condo renters and sellers advertise units online which seem too good to be true. They post false advertisements or misleading details online, and when you get on the actual site or view it in person, everything posted is grossly exaggerated. That is why is here to help consumers, renters, sellers, and buyers be aware of the condo property they intend to rent or buy through online reviews.

Customer online reviews are essential for both consumers and sellers. Assessing the customers’ reviews will better inform the overall experience for sellers and renters. This will allow potential sellers, realtors, or property managers to improve your service and address any concerns. After all, customer satisfaction is one of the priority lists for any business. Positive or negative feedback can significantly influence your outcome because potential clients are most likely to search for reviews before they decide to buy or rent a condo unit. If they think that the reviews are authentic and precise, they will undoubtedly take notice.

As a buyer or renter, you may want to learn more about the included amenities and services when searching for condo units. You may do some browsing of photos, take virtual tours, and you may also read some online customer reviews. Reading online reviews can be overwhelming; however, viewing previous clients’ experiences can give you a good insight into what it is like to reside in a specific or prospective condo property. aims to take the stress out of condo hunting through its online platform. Current residents of Condo buildings in Toronto can share their experience online with potential buyers and renters. The goal is to help potential buyers and sellers get insights into a condo building through reviews. Users can search 5000+ condominiums listed on our website, read reviews or share their experiences with fellow Torontonians.

Here are some tips on what to consider and look for in a review.

1) Objective Reviews

The intentions behind the review are essential. People are less likely to write reviews when everything is well and good. However, reviewers are often prompted to write reviews due to intense emotions, whether negative or positive. Look for objective reviews because this may help you obtain essential details that you can employ to ask the property manager or owner some valuable questions before you decide on buying or renting a unit.

2) Read more reviews

As you read a wide variety of different reviews, you will have a clearer overview of the condo property. The bits and pieces that residents appreciate will become evident since many reviewers will often share some of the same primary highlights. If there is a significant concern, that will also become obvious with their reviews. By reading an objective review from the tenants or residents, you will be able to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of living there. is for tenants and condo owners too. By sharing your experience living in the condo you are renting or owning, fellow prospective tenants and condo buyers may learn which condo buildings offer the best experience and which to avoid. Many tenants are looking for a condo manager that will not overlook their concerns. Knowing that repairs and maintenance are promptly attended to is imperative. Reviews on help provide this essential information.

How to write a review?

In your review, explain the things about the condo unit and the community. If there are new services and amenities that you think people may want to know about, you may share those things too. Always be truthful when writing a review because it can be valuable for those looking for a decent place to live. When writing a review, stay on the topic and be accurate. Try to keep it objective and avoid writing personal agendas.

It’s easy to add a condo listing and leave a review on Just click on Add a Listing and fill in the information. To leave a review, click on the property and then click Write a Review.

When looking at a condo building listing, you will find a list of amenities, map location, and up to a 5-star rating with key indicators. Each condo building is rated according to Quality and Design, Amenities, Location, and Maintenance & Property Management. If a property has less than a 5-star rating, you will be able to see which category ranked lower. also offers valuable blog content for condo hunters. Blog posts include info about condo boards, condo maintenance fees, best condo neighbourhoods, and more. For everything condo-related in Toronto, visit and find your perfect condo here.

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