How to find good property investments

Finding the right property to start your trip in real estate investment does not have to feel an obstacle. Not far from here. All you need to start is knowing where to look and determine if there is a rental request to make it assert. And we can guarantee that your real estate agent will be more than happy to lend you a hand with this task.

You see the great thing about real estate investment is that once you know what works, you will be able to transmit this information to your real estate agents who, in turn, will be able to compile a list of corresponding properties – just for you. But first of all, here are 4 simple tools to help you reduce your selection criteria.

Property Rentals

Despite rental prices of 15% over the last 6 months, there are still properties that generate profits below the market rate. Now, you probably think immediately “Okay, I’m going to avoid these properties,” but here are the catches … There is still a potential profit hidden in these rental properties.

You see, these rental prices are based on property values. So, if you can find a low value and the profitable border line. You can basically transform this information around; Bring the property to the norm and collect the benefits of a low property on refunds, but raised in rental yields. After all, rental properties are expected to increase additional 15% over the next two years. A lot of time for you to acquire a good return investment and increase your positive cash flow.


Where do people want to live? Do your research and you will soon notice a trend. A neighborhood or region undergoing a form of improvement will undergo increased interest over time. So, to take advantage of these offers, you must get your right of synchronization. You must enter before real estate prices flourish and invest while they are still low.

So, what causes an improvement of an area? There are many reasons, but the first three are: job opportunities, new businesses and zoning changes.

Real estate price

In our current financial climate, looking for a property offered below its real estate value is not uncommon, but in a real estate boom, it is rare. That does not mean it’s not going to happen. That there will be no cases in which owners want to sell quickly and reduce their property prices. But it’s just a matter of keeping our eyes open; Identify these bargains and invest.

You see, even if they are sold under the market value, they do not mean that their rental value will have decreased next to it. No. In fact, by investing in the lower value, the differences between your monthly refunds and your rental income will be even higher. Why? Because your tenant should always pay rental returns to match the actual value of properties.


If you can find a property that has a great value potential but requires minimal improvement costs, you are on a winner. The only mistake of many investors bring during investment in a property, invest low to only continue and make unnecessary improvements later.

Very often, many investors leave their personal preferences take over. They renovate more under the influence it’s their own home than as a property they plan to rent. And that’s where the costs start stacking. But if, as we said before, you can find a low property worth buying, but when renovated would be worth significantly more important. The supplement you have left of your deposit can be used to finance this rapid renovation. You just need to keep your costs low, and the rest will come naturally.

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