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Designing Your Home To Make A Great First Impression

Certain homes have an immediately warm and welcoming atmosphere. This great first impression is largely due to considered interior design and there are a number of creative decisions that can positively influence guests’ opinions on living space.

Aside from wanting a home that they can be proud of, residents may also seek to improve the impression their property makes if they are looking to potentially place it on the market, understanding that it is likely to perform much better if presented with great design.

No matter whether your home is in a rural or urban area large or small, there are elements of interior design that are proven to be universally beneficial to making a positive impression. With that in mind, we’re sharing the best ways this can be achieved, ensuring that every guest, or even potential buyer, feels marvellously positive when visiting.

Fantastic Facades

Your home’s exterior is to quite literally be the first impression made on others. As such, it should be given due consideration, playing a role that estate agents are likely to refer to as kerb appeal.

Fresh coats of paint, clean windows, and stunning embellishments, such as flowers and colour features, go a long way in making a home appear welcoming and in good standing, influencing how the rest of a property is seen by others.

The Entrance

An entranceway should be spacious and considered. Without the appropriate room to remove coats and shoes, as well as intuitive places to store them, a property can quickly become stressful as guests struggle to transition easily from outside to inside.

Managed Garden

Outdoor spaces are greatly affected by the climate and, without proper management, can quickly become disorganised and messy. Weeds are not only indicative of neglect but also a potential risk, with certain plants being problematic to a property’s infrastructure.

A well-curated and even low-maintenance garden is more likely to make a great first impression, with guests often favouring assets such as log cabins, raised garden beds, and dining areas.

Statement Design

Having the confidence and knowledge to curate a statement design works wonders for guests, demonstrating a keen eye for interior design. Statement aesthetics can manifest in a number of ways, from bold wallpapers to embellished and stylised furniture. Balancing such designs within a complementary space is a challenge but with a worthwhile payoff.

Comfortable Accommodation

Aside from a home being aesthetically inviting, it should also be comfortable to guests too. Furnishings, such as seating, should be not only easily accessible and free of clutter but also cosy, with inviting extras like blankets and pillows. Such designs create a sense of relaxation and safety, helping guests to feel at home more easily.


It can be easy for residents to overlook their own mess. Daily routines tend to obscure certain areas of a home, allowing them to become dirty. While they may slip out of a resident’s mind, they can often be spotted quickly by guests. As such, it is important for residents to stay on top of their cleaning, making it a regular routine so that guests always leave with a positive impression.

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