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How to Check the Value of a House Before Selling

To do list when selling a house…

  • List it with an estate agent
  • Worry about paying estate agent
  • Wait anxiously for an offer after a viewing
  • Wait anxiously for an offer after another, and another, and another viewing
  • Receive offer
  • Wait for valuations and surveys
  • Buyer rescinds
  • Start over
  • Receive another offer
  • Wait for valuations and surveys
  • Clean up house and arrange removals company
  • Accept offer
  • Engage conveyance solicitor
  • Wait another few months for completion

This list could, of course, extend on and on! But there’s one item that you may be neglecting:

Why is this important? But… to get to the heart of the matter… how can you cut this to-do list down to a manageable size (and with a lot less waiting around!)?

How to Check the Value of a House

Don’t guess! It can be tempting to say, ‘Well, the house next door only has two bedrooms and one bath to my three and two, and they got £XYZ for it last year.’ The market moves quickly, and don’t forget that there are a variety of other factors that play a role in value. To get a better idea of what your house is worth, you can:

  • Speak with an estate agent. Typically, an agent or broker will value your property for free. Great! Right…? Sure. But at the same time, they will be inspecting the house, giving you a pitch to hire them and adding up fees in their heads. This is all fine if you choose to work with an agent, but if you are not sure, it can feel like a high-pressure situation that leaves you feeling obligated.
  • Use online tools. This is a pressure-free, no-obligation way to gauge the value of your home. Remember, though, this will be an estimate. Try tools like YOPA, Zoopla, or RightMove.
  • Reach out to GoodMove. Simply enter your postcode on our easy online form. Our survey team will send an offer in principle within 24 hours. If you want to proceed at this point, we will conduct two valuations and a survey before returning with a formal offer. You are entitled and welcomed to review any and all reports and documentation associated with your house. You can see the market value. Typically, we offer 80 – 85% of market value. In exchange, though, you do not have to worry about estate agent and solicitors’ fees, as well as other expenses involved in a conventional property sale.

What about the feeling of obligation? The high-pressure sales tactics? You will not find them with GoodMove. If you choose not to accept the offer, that is certainly your right and you are free to move on to other avenues to sell your house. We have a 45 year track record of success in this industry, and it is not only due to the quality of service we offer – it is also down to the level of customer service we offer. This is a big decision, and you should be able to access information and weigh your decisions – with no strings attached.

Trimming That To Do List Down to Size

Now, what can we do about that to-do list? The one that’s keeping you up at night and causing untold stress? Sell your house fast, for cash, with a reputable, regulated property buyer like GoodMove. Fill out a form, and our team of experts in sales, valuation, and surveying will handle every detail (for free. And if you choose to use your own solicitor, we will offer you £500 to utilise for that purpose).

But the waiting game… what kind of timeline can you expect? Whereas a typical, conventional sale can take four to six months or even longer, GoodMove returns an offer in principle within a day and the entire process can be completed within 21 days. In as little as three weeks, you can put sold to your house and enjoy a boost in your bank account. This is essential to fund a new house purchase, relocate, retire… whatever your goal is.

Now that’s a to-do list we can all appreciate! Contact GoodMove to learn more.

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