Why Stay in a Luxury Villa Instead of a Luxury Hotel

These days, the expectations and mindsets of travelers have changed. Living in a five-star hotel was used to be the only way to enjoy the luxury experience, travelers can now rent luxury villas in Chania and enjoy a wonderful stay that hotels cannot match. If you are wondering whether to stay in a luxury hotel or villa, below are some reasons to choose the latter:

The Privacy in Villas is Unparalleled

Although hotel rooms can give you some privacy, it usually means being confined to your room. But, the privacy you enjoy in a villa can be the kind of privacy you enjoy in your home. Nothing can be better than staying in a home-like environment plus all the luxury. As your residence is exclusive, you won’t be dealing with neighbors and or sharing your space with fellow travelers. If you rent a villa with a gym, you can sweat without anybody looking.

Hotels cannot Match the Rates

Hotels can give you the best rates; however, when you travel with a group of people, you will find villa rates more cost-effective. No matter how many bedrooms you need, villa rentals are usually more affordable than a five-star hotel. Paying for a luxury villa that can accommodate ten persons is much more affordable than paying for five rooms in a five-star hotel. Plus, the villa rates include a private pool, separate pavilions, beach access, and other amenities.

Awesome Locations

Booking a luxury villa lets you stay in an incredible location. You can choose a beachfront property or one that gives you access to stunning escapes. Plus you get to enjoy this location without the crowd. Usually, villas provide more secluded locations than hotels. Although hotels can also provide you with scenic locations, the hectic atmosphere can dampen the wonderful views. Check out for a great location.

You Have Lots of Space

As you jump between hotels, you tend to move from room to the other. However, villas offer an intrinsic sense of space. Imagine having access to an open kitchen, outdoor pavilion, and a grand living room. Your villa will be equipped with reclaimed and antique wood furniture, sophisticated interiors, tropical gardens with day beds, and big bathrooms that have baths overlooking nature. Overall, you can expect villas to provide more space for every dollar you pay. Although a bit five-star hotel suite offers a huge space, villas are more than hotel counterparts when it comes to both interiors and outdoors.

You Enjoy a Personalized Stay in Chania

Staying in a luxury villa means your travel depends on your own beat. You will have your own private hotel and your experience can be customized to your preference and taste. If you want to work out while on vacation, rent a villa with a gym. If you want to stay there to unwind, pick a secluded location that has an en-suite spa. In case you are visiting Chania with your family, pick a villa with bunk beds, cinema, and game rooms. Being able to stay in a private property, you will be able to set your own schedule. Thus, you don’t worry about when breakfast finishes or when the people will be available for use.

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